//:onesmallstar [jewelry rehab]

out with
the old!

life is short.
wear what
*you* love.

you can think of rehab as iron chef for jewelry, or simply a great way to get new use from old pieces.

yes: bring us your tired, your huddled masses, your single earrings left after you lost the other, your unwanted gifts from aunt marge. we will take them apart and reconfigure them into something new, fresh, and (most importantly) something you will wear and love.

past examples include dear sweet grandma's crystal bead necklace (broken) turned into a dramatic lariat (photo to come) and 2 sets of pearl/garnet earrings combined into one (photo also coming).

so send your jewels to rehab!


thanks again to everyone who has supported
us so far!

please note that rehab is not for precious gemstones or 14k gold.
for more information, contact jen at info@onesmallstar.com.

gift certificates and custom orders//: info@onesmallstar.com
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